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Vakantie Bij Belgen . com

On this website you can find information about Belgians who are either in their own country or emigrated abroad and there is a bed and breakfast, charming hotel, a bed and breakfast open hold or own an apartment, cottage, studio, etc. .. all selected accommodation are thus kept open by compatriots.
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Vlaamse Chambres D'Hotes . com

This guide focuses on staying at Flemings and Belgians, couples (Belgians / Dutch) in one of the following formulas: gites, chambres d'hotes or bed and breakfast, cottages and villas.
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Vakantie boeken bij Nederlanders created by the interest in travel and especially to stay with Dutch and Flemish people who have settled abroad. Because there are few websites that offer specific, practical or complete information, we decided to create this website.
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Logeren bij Vlamingen

Feel more at home, even abroad!
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Berber Expedition

Do you wish a VIP treatment, unique experience, authenticity, then you are at the right place. This small company organizes tailor made excursions, depending on the expectations and can develop a unique circuit for you. An unforgettable experience.
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Bij Landgenoten . be

Feel good with compatriots all over the world!
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Rent a car at

Through our car rental program you can be easily, quickly and clearly find the economical choice from the wide car rental offer in 125 countries and 17,000 locations worldwide. We offer an all-inclusive car hire at the lowest price and the best service guaranteed!
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At Flemings in southern France, Chambres D'hotes and Gites
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Gophoto Photographe
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Le Royal Golf de Marrakech

Created in 1923, is one of the oldest golf course in the kingdom. In the footsteps of David Lloyd Churchil or Ike Eisenhower, players will succumb to the magic of this legendary golf, designed in an exceptional natural environment combining the beauty and fragrance of lush greenery and modernity to the technical courses, putting all their senses alert.
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Bodrum Second Home Services provides a high quality and service for owners of a residence or 2nd (second) home on the Bodrum peninsula. You own a (vacation) home in Bodrum, staying permanently in Turkey and you wonder how you can get some things organized. Well then Bodrum Second Home Services has probably the right solution.
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B & B at Flemings, Belgian restaurants, Belgian beer, waffles, chocolates and much more ...